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Ethnicity, Gender, and Culture

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This cluster studies the degree to which categories of ethnicity and gender are culturally constructed, how those categories in turn affect culture generally, and how the categories may be changed.

Anton, JohnPhilosophy
Bartesaghi, MariaelenaCommunication
Basu, AmbarCommunication
Belgrad, DanielHumanities
Bell, ElizabethCommunication
Benadusi, GiovannaHistory
Brescia, PabloWorld Languages
Brulotte, GaetanWorld Languages
Brulotte, GaetanWorld Languages
Camara, MadelineWorld Languages
Cheng, RyanEnglish
Ciresi, RitaEnglish
Connolly, BrianHistory
Deats, SaraEnglish
Discenza, NicoleEnglish
Dubrofsky, RachelCommunication
Grewal, GurleenEnglish
Grieb, MargitWorld Languages
Herndl, CarlEnglish
Hirsh, ElizabethEnglish
Irizarry, YlceEnglish
Jacobs, DebraEnglish
James, NavitaCommunication
Johnson, DavidHistory
Jorgensen, DannyReligious Studies
Jorgenson, JaneCommunication
Khan, AbrahamCommunication
Langford, JulieHistory
Lemons, GaryEnglish
Levy, PhilipHistory
Meakin, HeatherEnglish
Metzger, ElizabethEnglish
Mitchell, MozellaReligious Studies
Mooney, SusanEnglish
Novoa, AdrianaHistory
Ottanelli, FraserHistory
Pal, MahuyaCommunication
Patterson, CynthiaEnglish
Price Herndl, DianeEnglish
Prince, K. History
Probes, ChristineWorld Languages
Probes, ChristineWorld Languages
Qin, XizhenWorld Languages
Ramos, FrancesHistory
Rayman, JoshuaPhilosophy
Runge, LauraEnglish
Rust, AmyHumanities
Sadler, BrookPhilosophy
Schindler, StephanWorld Languages
Schutte, OfeliaPhilosophy
Shepherd, EricWorld Languages
Simeon-Jones, KersuzeWorld Languages
Sukrungruang, IraEnglish
Thompson, AmyWorld Languages
Toland-Dix, ShirleyEnglish
Vasquez, CamillaWorld Languages
Waugh, JoannePhilosophy
Zhu, WeiWorld Languages