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Film, Media, and Literature

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Media messages, whether audiovisual or print, profoundly shape our perceptions of the world. The School of Humanities is dedicated to exploring the ways that media texts create meaning and aesthetic value, in order to better understand how they impact world events and people's lives, both past and present.

Anton, JohnPhilosophy
Belgrad, DanielHumanities
Benadusi, GiovannaHistory
Berish, AndrewHumanities
Bochner, ArthurCommunication
Boterbloem, KeesHistory
Brescia, PabloWorld Languages
Brulotte, GaetanWorld Languages
Brulotte, GaetanWorld Languages
Camara, MadelineWorld Languages
Cano, CarlosWorld Languages
Cheng, RyanEnglish
Cizmic, MariaHumanities
Connolly, BrianHistory
D'Emilio, JamesHumanities
Deats, SaraEnglish
Discenza, NicoleEnglish
Dubrofsky, RachelCommunication
Ferguson, ScottHumanities
Fleming, JohnEnglish
Gould, MartyEnglish
Grewal, GurleenEnglish
Grieb, MargitWorld Languages
Guignon, CharlesPhilosophy
Heydt, ColinPhilosophy
Hirsh, ElizabethEnglish
Hopler, JayEnglish
James, NavitaCommunication
Johnson, MeredithEnglish
Kantzios, IppokratisWorld Languages
La Trecchia, PatriziaWorld Languages
Langford, JulieHistory
Latowsky, AnneWorld Languages
Lemons, GaryEnglish
Lennon, JohnEnglish
Manolaraki, EleniWorld Languages
Meakin, HeatherEnglish
Mitchell, MozellaReligious Studies
Mooney, SusanEnglish
Moxley, JoeEnglish
Noonan, JohnWorld Languages
Novoa, AdrianaHistory
Payne, A. DavidCommunication
Peppard, VictorWorld Languages
Price Herndl, DianeEnglish
Probes, ChristineWorld Languages
Probes, ChristineWorld Languages
Rogers, PatEnglish
Runge, LauraEnglish
Rust, AmyHumanities
Sadler, BrookPhilosophy
Scharm, HeikeWorld Languages
Schindler, StephanWorld Languages
Simeon-Jones, KersuzeWorld Languages
Sipiora, PhillipEnglish
Toland-Dix, ShirleyEnglish
Waugh, JoannePhilosophy